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Applications are available on the website and can be submitted by email, phone, fax or in person at the office of the South Ogden City Chamber of Commerce. You can spend your winter days on the majestic Wasatch mountains in the east of the city or snowboard in one of the three mountain areas just a few minutes away. If you don't like snow, you can hang out with ten of us and spend the evening in the snow.

Please note: If you do not provide the required information as stated in the job advertisement, you will not be considered for this position or will not receive any special consideration that you are eligible for. Failure to provide all the required data and / or information as required by the job description and the job advertisements stated in this announcement may affect your overall assessment and result in an ineligible assessment.

If you are a laid-off or retired federal employee, please click CTAP (ictap) for the required documents. Ten-point preference is also entitled to submit all required documentation listed on the back of your SF-15 form.

We recommend you preview the online questions, as you will need to adjust your CV to ensure that it supports your answer to these questions. To receive full recognition for your relevant experience, please indicate the months, years and number of working hours you have worked in, as listed on your CV. If you qualify for this position by replacing training or education with experience, you must submit a copy of your transcript or report.

Generally, your college or university degree must be from an institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. If you qualify on the basis of foreign training, you must provide proof of the creditworthiness of your training in order to be assessed by an identification authority. Education is accredited by an accrediting institution that accredits your qualifications as an educational credit. Therefore, we provide you with a list of schools accredited by our accreditation institution or recognised as accredited institutions, and a description of their qualifications.

Applicants must be US citizens and behave in a manner consistent with the policies and procedures of ICE, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Applicants must submit a resume, either one on USAJOBS or one of their own choice, uploaded to their PC or mobile device (iPhone, iPad or iPod).

Candidates must be able to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, produce clear and concise written reports, analyze dangerous situations, take safe and effective action, work with the public in a courteous and respectful manner, and enforce federal, state, and local laws. The candidate must have used deadly force at least once in the course of his or her career. The incumbent may have been exposed to toxic substances and may have been exposed to working conditions that can be high in stress and a threat to personal safety during the search, seizure or arrest.

The incumbent must visit construction sites and existing buildings to carry out inspections, including inspections of the exterior, interior, exterior walls, windows, doors and windows of the building to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. The part-time position monitors traffic to determine the best time for crossing, acts defensively when waiting for oncoming vehicles, lets children and pedestrians into designated intersections and accompanies them to safe crossings if necessary. Set up safety cones, turn pedestrian lights on and off, clear snow, debris and sidewalks to ensure safe and unobstructed passage, use the necessary safety clothing and equipment and report faulty or non-functioning lights, clothing or equipment to supervisors. Identify and clear designated locations, pavements, sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, as well as the use of safety equipment.

This part-time position in the Ogden Unified School District (OUSD) is open to veteran teachers who want to improve classroom delivery. This is a vacancy with at least two years of teaching experience in a public school system.

We are one of the largest employers in the city of Ogden and many people who grew up in Ogden and went to school here have decided to stay and work here. Still others come from all over the country and even from all over the country, attracted by the opportunity to work in a place that offers the latest technology and personal connections.

In a 2016 report, Forbes ranked Ogden as the second-best city in the country to have a family, behind New York City. The school district is a leader in setting the standard for teacher pay in northern Utah.

The hourly wage for this position is $24.56 to $29.93 per hour, based on experience, qualifications and an excellent performance package. The hourly wage for filling the position will be $21. 56 to 23.81 per hour, depending on experience and certification.