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The Utah State Division of History is accepting applications to exhibit a historic South Pacific locomotive donated today by the Union Pacific Railroad. The historic railway depot has been part of the collection of the Natural History Museum Ogden for 35 years and will be 90 years old in 2014. This museum has a large collection of historical locomotives as well as other railway artifacts.

One of Utah's best museums for children is Discovery Gateway in Salt Lake City, and while they welcome donations, it easily maintains its place as one of the free museums in Utah. This is a family-friendly event that you can attend all year round And it's open to all ages. Visitors can watch films, watch one of their cosmic light shows, view a special exhibition or just hang out for a day in the museum.

One of the best ways to experience all of these things is to visit the many museums in Utah, and you will find the Church History Museum in Ogden. Located just blocks from the Salt Lake City Convention Center and the Utah State Capitol, it is one of the best museums for children in Utah. There you will find a variety of children's exhibitions as well as exhibits for adults and children of all ages, such as the Book of Mormons.

The park also consists of a museum that houses a variety of fossils and fossils from around the world that many people do not even know. Inside the museum, complete replicas of the period from the Pennsylvanian to the Pleistocene can be seen. If you are absolutely fascinated by everything prehistoric, then this place is just right for you.

The Utah Field House of Natural History, managed by Utah State Parks, is responsible for preserving and disclosing the wealth of prehistoric history in the Uinta Basin. The campus in Ogden, Utah, serves the community as home to the University of Utah Institute of Anthropology and the Utah Museum of Paleontology. The Vernal Utah Dinosaur National Monument is located just a few miles south of Og den, on the west side of Salt Lake City.

The Hill Aerospace Museum attracts over 320,000 visitors a year, while the University of Utah Institute of Anthropology and the Utah Museum of Paleontology, both in Ogden, Utah, attract more than 1.5 million visitors a year. The museum displays a wide range of products from the fields of aerospace, space technology, aerospace science and technology.

Across the state, you'll find the Utah Museum of Paleontology, the University of Utah Institute of Anthropology and the Ogden Museum. The Prehistoric Museum was created as a tribute to the natural and cultural processes that formed the geological, fossil and prehistoric human records in eastern Utah. Even history around the Great Salt Lake can be found in the museum, which tops the list of Utah's most popular museums with more than 1.5 million visitors each year.

If you live near Brigham Young University or are visiting Provo in the near future, take the time to visit the Utah Museum of Paleontology, the University of Utah Institute of Anthropology and the Ogden Museum. There is also a history museum at Union Station, and you can also find it right next to the BYU - Utah campus. If you live or plan to stay near BYU or visit Provos soon, be sure to take a walk through the city garden, attend a show at the Wise Guys Comedy Club, visit the Weber County Historical Society, and even visit the Browning - Kimball Classic Car Museum, the O'Gden Farmers Market, and the Comedy Club's Wise Guys show.

In the meantime, the Legislature has declared the museum at Ogden's Union Station a Utah State Railroad Museum and moved its facility to its current location in the state. In 1958, it was donated by the city of Ogden and leased by Utah Central Railway, where it received its current livery. Since then it has been donated to the University of Utah Institute of Anthropology and the O'Gden Museum of Paleontology, and leased by Utah Central Railway and reopened as a separate museum. The original location of the Utah Railroad Museum at Union Station was given to him in 1958. It had previously been leased to Utah Central Railway by its original owner, Utah Pacific Railway.

The narrow gauge railways have been stored at Union Station since they were moved from the lagoon to Ogden for the 1988 season. Union Pacific donated the original paint, the first of its kind in the United States, to the Utah Railroad Museum.

Utah Central Railway leased them to the Utah State Railroad Museum, where they received the current livery. The Utah St8 is a building that has now been transformed into the role of a philanthropist and Utah Library of History. This photo was taken by staff at WW2HQ and donated by the Salt Lake County Historical Society and the Ogden Museum of History and Culture.

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